Make better and smarter business decisions faster with solutions that take business intelligence (BI) to a whole new level. Innovations in BI from Arithmica provide broader analytic capabilities so that everyone has the relevant information they need to drive your business forward.

Data Mining
  • Provides a collaborative data mining environment to manage enterprise data Consulting and insights
Consulting and insights
  • Analyze and act on customer behavior and deliver optimized offers in real time
Modeling and analysis
  • Explore your BI data with trend analysis, .what-if. scenarios, modeling and more
Reporting and research
  • Use comprehensive reports to understand your BI content
  • Monitor, measure and manage corporate performance at a glance with dashboards
  • Experience insight wherever you are, at the office or on the road
Real Time Monitoring
  • View current operational data for quick and alert
  • Communicate and coordinate tasks to engage the right people at the right timeReal Time Monitoring
Staistics and Visualization
  • Bring your data into Incorporate statistical results in your BI content for improved analysisReal Time Monitoring
  • Produce data in best format for interpretation and Analysis